Using Magic Credits with Automatic Payment

Have some Magic Credits, but aren’t sure how to use them for your next ride?

Never fear! Here’s a quick and easy guide to redeeming your credits:

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1. Add a credit card in the Taxi Magic app.

2. Look in “Promos and Credits” under “Settings” to see your credits.

3. Book a ride in the Taxi Magic app and set your tip amount once the cab picks you up (the default is 20%).

4. Let us do the rest! Payment is automatic and the credits will be applied to your total.

Hail a Cabbie from Newcastle and Taxi Magic!

Newcastle Cabbie Ale

Today, finding yourself a Cabbie takes on a slightly different meaning. That’s because we’re joining up with Newcastle to announce their new winter seasonal, Cabbie Black Ale. Taxis and beer are our favorite combination short of Taxi Magic and smartphones, so we’re psyched to join with Newcastle to spread the word.

To ensure you can enjoy a Cabbie and get home safely, we’re working with Newcastle to provide over $1 million in discounted taxi fares this holiday season. If you’re 21 or older, you can receive $5 in Magic Credits off your next Taxi Magic ride when you input the code “CABBIE” in the Taxi Magic app for iPhone and Android. This code will work in over 60 markets where Taxi Magic supports mobile payment within the app. Even better, the Cabbie code will unlock a easter egg mode in our app that will show your Newcastle love and make you very thirsty. 


Secret Cabbie Takeover Mode

Newcastle Cabbie is a delicious black ale inspired by the cab drivers of Newcastle, England. Cabbie will be available in stores and on tap through January 2014.  So get out there, try some Cabbie, and then tap that app to get safe, discounted Taxi Magic home.

As always, if you have issues using applying or using your Magic Credits, you can email and one of our Wizards will make your problem disappear. 

Taxi Magic Costume Contest

Things are getting spooky over here at Taxi Magic!

Starting today, we are turning our Instagram contest and #taximagic tag into a costume competition. We want to see our riders in all their Halloween glory!

halloween02 (2)








When you dress up for Halloween, just snap a pic of your costume and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #taximagic (bonus points if you take the pic while you’re in a cab). Selfies encouraged! We’ll pick our two favorite photos and the winners will each receive $50 in Magic Credits!

Want to get your hands on this sweet Taxi Magic treat? Then, get snapping!

Using Magic Credits

At Taxi Magic, we want everyone to have the Magic touch when it comes to getting a taxi. To help us spread that Magic, we introduced Magic Credits to give riders money off of their Taxi Magic rides.

Our Taxi Magic team and our taxi partners are busy releasing Magic Credit codes into the wild! If you have what it takes to catch one of these codes, here’s what you do to make it work:

Register Your Credit Card

In order to use Magic Credits, you must have a credit card on file in the app. Magic Credits will automatically deduct money from your final fare total when you pay for your ride in the app.

Enter the Code


Open the Taxi Magic app

Tap the gear symbol in the top right corner

Tap “Promos and Credits” on the dropdown menu

Enter your code and tap the “enter” key on your keyboard

After you enter the code, the amount will appear on your “Promos and Credits” screen.

Photo Apr 04, 7 22 43 PM











Note: If your ride is less than the amount of your Credits, the remaining Magic Credits will roll over to your next ride.

Ride On

The next time you ride and pay with your credit card in the app, the Magic Credits will be applied to your final ride total. You still need to enter the final fare and tip – we’ll do the rest!

Be sure to note the expiration date on Magic Credit codes. Use them before you lose them!

Now, go forth and capture your Magic Credits!

Questions? Comments? Email

Download the Update for Android

Attention Android users! Taxi Magic just got more magical!

This week, we officially released Taxi Magic version 3.4 for Android devices.

So what does that mean for the Taxi Magic app that you know and love? Here’s a rundown of some new features:

Promos and Credits!

You may have heard of our new Magic Credits codes that you can use to discount your rides. Whenever you get a code from us, just go to “Settings” and enter it under “Promos and Credits.” The amount of the code will automatically be deducted from your next ride when you use mobile payment (you must have a credit card on file to use Magic Credits).

Google Maps 3D!

With the new Google Maps view, you will be treated to some 3D animations and flyovers when your cab is dispatched and you’re watching it come to you.

Next time you want to hail a cab from your Android device, make sure you download the update and keep your eyes out for opportunities to get your hands on some Magic Credits!

Do you love 3.4? Do you think it could be better? Tweet us at @taximagic or share your review in the Google Play Store. Your feedback makes the magic happen!


Taxi Magic 3.6.1 Released for iPhone

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more magical, we released our newest iPhone version: 3.6.1.

We are especially excited for the features in this update, which include a new payment flow and ::drumroll please:: Magic Credits!

Magic Credits give you cash toward your ride when you pay through the app. Once you have a Magic Credit code, you can enter it into your Taxi Magic account and watch the dollars come off of your rides. Codes will be awarded to top riders and at special events in some of our Magic cities. Stay tuned to find out more about you can get your hands on some Magic Credits.

We want to make sure that you have the magic touch every time you ride, so download the Taxi Magic 3.6.1 update from the iPhone App Store today!

Tweet us at @taximagic or share your review in the iPhone App Store. Your feedback makes the magic happen!

Ride on.